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The Water Quality Association is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the household, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry.   

About Us
In 1975Ö

LAJU started out as LAJU Teknik Sdn. Bhd. (LTSB), a specialist Engineering Company that provides consultancy services as well as provides complete mechanical engineering works for the steel & sugar mills. Under the leadership, technical knowledge and the marketing expertise of Mr. C. H. Lum, the company soon spread its wings to Indonesia and Thailand under the trade mark name of "LAJU". Taken a step forward, LTSB invented and patented its own screw presses, digesters, nut crackers and scale controller for use in the palm oil industry. In the 80s, LTSB's much sought after services had advanced into broader engineering and construction consultancy works.

In 1995, LTSB diversify into manufacturing of coconut-shell based activated carbon, yet another engineering mission. This gave birth to LAJU Carbon Products Sdn. Bhd.(LCP)

LCP manufactures coconut based activated carbon for applications that have been tested and proven by various industries that requires water and air purification, control of pollutants, emissions & other systems, including recovery of precious metals. With regular upgrading processes and enhancement LAJUís activated carbon had gained international recognition. Today, more than 95% of Activated Carbon produced is exported globally.

Laju has also achieved another milestone which is to produce silver impregnated carbon. Again this is also through another Technology Transfer and has also achieved Pioneer Status. The company that is being entrusted with this development is LAJU Speciality Carbon Sdn Bhd. The objective is to produce silver impregnated carbon that is used in specific water treatment applications. As there could be many variants to the production of silver impregnated carbon, Laju has chosen to use the calculated formula of silver sprayed evenly onto selected activated carbon and dried in a special manner to prevent silver leaching.

Laju has also embarked on the journey to manufacture both upstream and downstream value-added products. Upstream is made possible by the inception of LAJU Carbonisation Sdn. Bhd. Laju Carbonisation utilises state of the art technology to produce coconut shell charcoals that are ideal for activation and, more importantly, produced in a smokeless environment. This places Laju at the forefront of carbonisation technology that is both environmentally friendly and capable of consistent daily production. The technology has been transferred to LAJU via the Technology Acquisition Fund managed by the MTDC (Malaysian Trade Development Corporation) and have been granted Pioneer

Being focus in the activated carbon industry, LAJU moved on with the commencement of LAJU Products Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (LPM) and LAJU Marketing Sdn. Bhd. which deals mainly in the production and distribution of products like water purifiers, filter cartridges, air-deodorizers and many others that has the usage of activated carbon.

All this and more makes LAJU, today, a leader in the activated carbon goods and services of its class.

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