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The Water Quality Association is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the household, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry.   

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LAJU CARBON PRODUCTS SDN. BHD. (LCP) is a Malaysian manufacturer of specially treated, custom-made steam activated carbon made solely from coconut shell & marketed under the brand name of LAJU Carbon; with proven applications in water and air purification, control of pollutants, emissions & other systems, including recovery of precious metals.

Based in a purpose built facility in Selangor, Malaysia, LCP has evolved to be Malaysia's leading manufacturer of coconut shell based activated carbon. Having attained certification of ISO 9001:2000, Quality Management System, LAJU’s activated carbon continues to comply with the ASTM (American Society for Testing & Methods) standards and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) standards. Our activated carbon come packed in polypropylene woven bags lined with polyethylene for added protection.

With stringent quality control measures and constant upgrading, LAJU Carbon is of top notch superiority. Today, exceeding 95% of LAJU Carbon is exported worldwide.

LAJU PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING SDN BHD (LPM) is a manufacturer of products that utilizes LAJU Carbon. Products include water purifiers, cartridges, air-deodorizers and many others that use activated carbon. With external expertise partnerships, LPM plans to accomplish better & more efficient ways of using activated carbon, in many environmental systems.

LPM also engages in various OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) activities for many corporations. Works also includes Research & Development in high tech commercial and consumer products utilizing LAJU Carbon, products assembly and consultancy.

LAJU MARKETING SDN BHD (LM) ’s principal role is to market LAJU Group’s finished products and solutions which utilize activated carbon, such as water and air purification systems. LM is a one stop solutions provider for quality water purification products for both industrial and residential sectors, as well as other solutions for the usage of activated carbon in the commercial sector.

LM’s professional staffs will be able to assist you in deriving maximum benefit and satisfaction from all LAJU’s products & services made possible by LAJU's manufacturers. Focus in environmental solutions, LM also functions as a trade intermediary, sourcing for products direct from manufacturers to our customers based on their exact requirements.

LAJU SPECIALITY CARBON SDN BHD (LSC) The objective is to produce silver impregnated carbon that is used in specific water treatment applications. As there could be many variants to the production of silver impregnated carbon, LAJU has chosen to use the careful calculated formula of silver into a mixture then spray evenly onto selected activated carbon and dried in a special manner to prevent silver leaching. LSC is also a Pioneer status company granted by MIDA and the technology is being acquired and transferred via the Technology Acquisition Fund endorsed by the MTDC (Malaysia Trade Development Corporation).

LAJU CARBONISATION SDN BHD (LCSB) utilises state of the art technology to produce coconut shell charcoal that is ideal for activation due to its good physical properties and values of the finished product and most importantly in a “smokeless” environment. This would put Laju into the forefront of carbonisation method in a very environmental friendly manner yet with the capability to produce daily and consistently. The technology is being transferred to Laju via Technology Acquisition Fund endorsed by the MTDC (Malaysia Trade Development Corporation) and has been declared a Pioneer Status company.

Engineering consultancy services.

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